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Fill in the register a birth and apply for a certificate application form

It's free to register your child's birth.

You may choose to order and pay for a birth certificate at the same time.

Use this application form to register a child born in Queensland—including stillborn children carried in the womb for 20 weeks or weighing 400g or more.

It can take up to 20 minutes to complete this application form.

  1. Answer the questions below.
  2. Review your details.
  3. Pay for your birth certificate (by Visa or Mastercard), if ordered.
  4. Finish your application.

Take care filling out this form because if you make a mistake you will need to pay to correct the certificate.

    1. *
  • *Was your child born in Queensland?
  • *Have you already submitted a registration for the birth of your child?
    (If you chose 'Yes' above)
  • *Was your child born alive?
    (If you chose 'No' above)
  • *Was the gestation period longer than 20 weeks or the delivery weight over 400g?
    (If you chose 'No' above)

You are not eligible

We can only register your child's birth if they were born in Queensland.

See a list of interstate and overseas registry offices. ( )

Do not complete this form

If you have already used this form and selected 'Confirm', your child's birth is already automatically in our database. We will not process another registration for your child.

To fix any incorrect details submitted before, email

If you registered your child’s birth already and need a certificate, buy one now.

Complete your application form Fill in the application form.
Details of the child
    1. *
Birth details
  • *Sex
  • *Is this a multiple birth?
  • *Order of births (numerical entry)
    For example, twins would read 1 of 2, or 2 of 2.
  • *Did birth occur in a hospital?
Birth notification information must be provided
To finalise registration of your child’s birth, a notice of birth form must also be completed:
  • if the child was taken to a hospital within 24 hours of birth, the person in charge of the hospital will complete the notice of birth form and submit it to us.

Otherwise, you must have 1 of the following complete the notice of birth form:

  • a doctor present at the birth
  • if a doctor was not present at the birth—a midwife present at the birth
  • if a doctor or a midwife were not present at the birth—a person, other than the mother, present at the birth
  • if the mother was alone at the birth—the mother.

Please email the completed and signed notice of birth form to

Person present at birthFor example, midwife, doctor, another person.
Mother's details
If the family name at mother's birth is the same as her current family name, enter it again.
  • *Can the mother sign the form?
    For example, if the mother's whereabouts are unknown, please select 'No'.
  • Depending on the circumstances, please be aware that we will try to contact the mother for their details.

  • *Is the mother of Aboriginal origin?
  • *Is the mother of Torres Strait Islander origin?
  • *Do you know the name and details of the father or parent?
  • *Can the father or parent sign the form?

Depending on the circumstances, please be aware that we will try to contact the father or parent for their details.

The child's father or parent's details
    1. *
  • *Is this person being registered as the father or parent?
In relation to same sex parents completing the registration of birth for your child:

(a) the birth mother must be registered as the mother; and
(b) the birth mother's spouse or de facto partner must be registered as the parent.
  • *Are the father or parent's address details the same as the mother's address details previously entered?
  • *Is the father or parent of Aboriginal origin?
  • *Is the father or parent of Torres Strait Islander origin?
Marriage or civil partnership details of child's parents (as at time of child's birth)
  • *Are the parents of the child married or in a registered civil partnership?
  • To be in a registered civil partnership you must have had a declaration ceremony with a civil partnership notary or applied to register a civil partnership without a ceremony.

Previous children of this relationship
    • Do not include a child born of the same pregnancy as the child being registered.
    • Include legally adopted children.
    • Include children registered through court surrogacy parentage order.
    • *Are there previous children born to the mother and father or parent detailed on this application?
    • Child number 1
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 2
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 3
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 4
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 5
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 6
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 7
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 8
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 9
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 10
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 11
      • *Child's life status
    • Child number 12
      • *Child's life status
    Would you like to order a birth certificate?
    • *Are you the mother or father or parent of the child?
      (If you chose 'Yes' above)
    • *What type of birth certificate would you like to order?
      Commemorative certificates include an official birth certificate.
    Are you the mother or father or parent of the child?
    • *Who is applying to register the birth of the child?

    Choose from the following designs

    Dragon ZodiacColonialTeddyGreat Barrier ReefAustralian animalsMaroonsRabbit ZodiacBluey QueenslandBluey BeachBluey BrisbaneBroncosTiger ZodiacCowboysDolphinsTitansBrisbane lionsUnicornSnake ZodiacHorse ZodiacGoat ZodiacMonkey ZodiacRooster ZodiacDog ZodiacPig ZodiacRat ZodiacOx Zodiac
    Delivery details
    • *Type of post
    • Ensure the safe delivery of your certificate

    • *Where would you like your certificates delivered?

    Privacy notice

    The Department of Justice and Attorney-General is collecting your personal information for the purpose of processing your birth registration application under section 9 of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 2003, Surrogacy Act 2010 and Relationships Act 2011. The information on this form may be provided to law enforcement agencies and to government and non-government agencies for verification of the data. Access to this information or a certificate may be granted to any person who has adequate reason to obtain it, or who meets the requirements of the access policy.
    In Progress...

    Brisbane registry contact details

    Located at Level 32, 180 Ann Street, Brisbane

    Opening hours:

    Monday–Friday: 8.30am–4.30pm

    Public holidays: Closed


    Our general enquiry form(Opens in new window).

    By phone

    Local call* 13 QGOV (13 74 68) ( tel:137468 )
    International +61 7 3022 6100 ( tel:61733284811) (+10 hours UTC)

    (Phone lines open Monday–Friday, 8.30am–4.30pm)

    *Costs may be higher from mobile phones and interstate.

    Quick shopping cart tip

    Completing your child’s birth registration and applying for their birth certificate on a smart device may be convenient.

    However, please keep in mind that the built-in settings, browser and history or cookies on your smart device may create their own issues.

    If you are getting a message that your shopping cart is empty:

    1. Don’t provide identification again.
    2. Follow the shopping cart link only.

    Your order should be there to checkout, if you made a certificate selection.

    Your certificate order has not gone through if you were unable to complete the payment online and money has not come out of your account. You can use the PDF application form and apply by post or in person.

    Get the birth certificate application form(Opens in new window) .

    Submit your application and payment for a birth certificate to us:

    Last updated
    2 April 2019

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